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Why Us?

We see that you’re a little more interested in us…Thank you! Since that’s the case, let’s take a deeper dive into the nitty gritty of things. We’ll pick the work up after you’ve uploaded your photos. Here’s where we start to flex our muscles (it’s also where you sit back, relax, and enjoy that latte):

We make sure you’re ready to roll.

  • Before we turn the key and start revving the engine, we’ll rigorously check your uploaded photos, and make sure that every album is set up correctly.

We build your house.

  • We set your job status to “Live” and, BOOM!, your photos are instantly ready to find their ways to their rightful owners.
  • We move the customer purchasing process along by crafting targeted emails and text messages.
  • We flash cool add-on ideas (kinda like buying gum at the cash register) in front of your customers to make them (and you) happier.
  • We ensure that our online store is always accessible. Customers can order anywhere and anytime: on the couch, from the soccer game…at the gas pump. Sure!

We give you a free online store.

  • For those of you still dabbling with paper order forms and manual entries, we welcome you to the wonderful world of effortless, instant gratification. Our store makes it easy for customers to view their photos, select their favs, maybe edit if they’re so inclined, and click to purchase. Just want a digital download? Done. The pictures are ready for customers to download and post on social media. Purchasing prints? Done. The pictures are on their way to customers’ walls and scrapbooks through simple direct delivery to homes.
  • Did we tell you that our online store is 100% free for you? But wait! There’s more …
  • Hands off. We set up your online store for you. No additional work involved, so you can enjoy another latte.
  • It’s totally turnkey, so you’re in business.
  • Preset prices (which include sales tax), packages, products, and green screen backgrounds. It’s all covered. (Btw, we don’t collect sales tax).

We share our gold standard print lab with you.

  • We don’t want to brag, but our print lab partner, District Photo, is da’ bomb. Not only are they one of the largest print labs in the world, they know what volume photo print fulfillment is all about. Be ready to be impressed and sit back with confidence.
  • We might as well remind you at this point that when we say all you need to do is click-click and upload…we sincerely mean it. We handle all management and potential issues with the print lab, even your lab bills.   

We take care of all the service item requests.

  • Let’s face it, things are never really done after a school, or team, receives their photos. We can expect that the peeps at the top will start thinking about directories, yearbooks, banners, and all those other organization goodies. But you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll help you manage all of these various requests, so that you and your clients will be happy and stress-free.
  • We’ll also remind schools, teams, and dance studios that they can use our system’s admin feature to download all of their photos, in a flash…no pun intended.

We make happy customers repeat customers.

  • Luckily for you, we’re referring to both you and your customers! So, what’s that look like?
It looks like: You doing absolutely nothing. And us doing everything. Our outrageously personable customer service team will handle all of your customer-facing communications. Emails and phone calls from parents? Done. Help placing orders? Done. Arranging for lab reprints? Done.
We cover it all so that you don’t have to cover anything.