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Symbol representing the Pricing page on the DONE.Photo website. DONE.Photos is a high-volume photography solution for volume photographers specializing in schools, sports, and dance.


It’s quite easy. You only pay for what you sell, which includes:

  • Print lab fees (prints, products, shipping)
  • SMS fees (if applicable)
  • Use your own Stripe and/or Paypal accounts- receive your net sales instantly
  • Low commission rates

More importantly, this is what you don’t pay for:

  • The software
  • The customization, design, and implementation costs of developing of your own online store
  • Image fees
  • Download fees
  • Monthly or annual fees
  • Image storage (it’s unlimited through us)
  • Onboarding fees

And here are a couple other perks:

  • Your net sales will go directly into your bank account.
  • There is no term agreement. Not happy? That’d make us sad, but you can leave us anytime.
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