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Photographers / Studios

We’re guessing you probably photograph school students. Or organized sports? How about dance competitions or performing arts schools? You probably have found it insanely unappealing to manage the massive amounts of photographs that your customers desperately want their hands on, yesterday.

Look no further. You came to the right place.

Welcome to DONE.Photos, where we take your volume photography business woes and turn them into one simple word. DONE.

The process could not be any easier


Create Your List
of Names

Click that
Shutter Button

Your Photos


Who’s Who

Before picture day, it starts with you getting the list of student, player, or dancer names. After uploading that list to our system, you will have the option to create a mobile ready QR code for each subject or a list of the names for your laptop which will be connected to your camera during picture day.

Click-Click Day

On picture day, when you have the subject in front of you, you’ll either take a photo of the subject’s mobile ready QR code, or select the name on your connected laptop. After that, click away and repeat!

Fix and Forward

With picture day behind you, it ends with you uploading your final edited and selected photos to our system. They will be automatically sorted into albums by subject.

That’s it! You’re DONE. Leave the rest up to us.

And as an added bonus, you’ll be a hero to the schools, sports teams, and studios you serve. Why? Your clients will save time with our online process. Couldn’t everyone use a little more time? How? They will no longer need to hand out or collect paper forms, payments, or prints
Want to know more? We unpack a lot more here. Or, take a test drive for one event!